We have a huge variety of options available for your 7mm Grille Doors/Screens

The 7mm Diamond Grille is made from specially tempered aluminium for greater strength.

It is currently available in a wide range of powder coated colours including clear aluminium and bronze anodized finish.

7mm Grille Doors and screens all come with standard fibreglass insect mesh.

If it is required, this can be upgraded to a range of meshes including paw tuff and restrictive vision mesh.

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Diamond Grille Security Doors

At Beards Security we provide a wide range of the best value high quality security products.

We provide an obligation-free measure and quote to professionally install our security products with a top level of protection for your home, family & valuables against burglars & intruders.

All our security doors and screens are built to and above Australian standards for your safety assurance.

Diamond Grille

Diamond Grille is a tried and proven product. For decades, it’s been the most popular security door on the market.

Tens of thousands of Australian homes rest easy with the protection of Diamond Grille security doors.


The popularity of the Diamond Grille security door is largely due to its cost effectiveness. It’s a relatively cheap security door and it’s proven as a home security solution due to it’s high standards and guarantees.

The best security solution does not have to be the most expensive!

Feature Strengths

  • Exceeds Australian Standards 5039
  • Exceeds Australian Standards 5040-1
  • Quality Austral Triple Locks
  • Tamper Proof Screws
  • Exclusive Guarantee Against Break In

Diamond Grille Security Screens

Diamond Grille’s strength comes from its distinctive diamond mesh pattern. Made from 7mm aluminium, the grille is pressed into an aluminium frame and then finished with a flywire insert. For added strength, the grille is riveted at regular spacing around the entire frame. The end result is a security door that keeps intruders and bugs out.


Pet Proof Security Screens

Instead of fly-wire, Diamond Grille can also be fitted with Pet Mesh. Pet Mesh is a wire mesh fine enough to keep bugs out, yet strong enough to handle pets jumping up against it.

More Security. More Privacy.

One way or privacy mesh can also be installed into the Diamond Grille security door. One-way mesh is designed to create a bit more privacy. The design makes it difficult to see in from the outside; however, it’s easy to see out.